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Save time, money, and planetary resources.

What are the benefits of switching to online paperless voting with Ecoballot?

All of these benefits are built in to an Ecoballot election.

Vote Checkbox Less paper waste
If reducing paper use is a goal for this year, switching to paperless ballots saves a LOT of paper. Everything is online, from the ballots themselves to the candidate biographies and photos. You reduce your costs for purchasing paper and ink, and reduce the amount of waste you create.
Vote Checkbox Wind-powered servers
All of the electricity that Ecoballot's servers consume are offset 130% by carbon offset credits at American wind farms. Your election will not contribute to your carbon footprint - in fact, it will reduce it!
Vote Checkbox Teach democracy in action
During a real election, you can have students conduct a mock vote to see how democracy works. Have them try alternative methods of voting (approval voting, for instance) to learn hands-on about voting systems in other countries.
Vote Checkbox Save time and manpower
No more counting ballots, no more tickmarks, no more waiting for results! The results are ready to announce within seconds of the vote being closed.

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