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Ecoballot was responsible for all the content, writing, design, video production and programming you see on all the pages of, with these exceptions:

Each actual ballot is designed by the school or organization that runs the election. Because they can use graphics and web code in their design, some ballots are quite awesome! We hope to put together a gallery of great examples here soon.

The image of grass that we use was taken by Drew, and was made available under a CC-BY-SA 2.0 creative commons license. Thanks, Drew!

The contents of Ecoballot are available for you to adapt or reuse under a creative commons license. We hope that teachers can use some of our information about election history or design in their classes. We also provide sample communications that you can use to inform your voting community or help persuade your school administrators to sign up with Ecoballot. Feel free to copy, remix, adapt, reuse, or draw from any of that content.

Creative Commons Non-Commercial ShareAlike license

All content CC-NC-SA
Creative Commons Non-Commercial Sharealike License

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