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Full-featured electronic voting, easy to use, but very powerful.

Each election you set up can be customized to fit your needs.

All of these features are built in to an Ecoballot election.

Vote Checkbox Custom Titles
Give each of your elections a title. You can have as many elections as you want. Each can be named whatever you like.
Vote Checkbox Automatic start and stop time
You choose to manually open and close your elections, or set the start and stop time. If the election begins at 6AM, you don't have to be on the computer to make it start.
Vote Checkbox Custom Messages, Headers and Footers
Use our already-written template, or customize it to match the look and feel of your school or organization's letterhead or website. We provide you with a simple, easy-to-use text editor, or the choice of a full-featured HTML editor for advanced users who want to really customize their ballots.
Vote Checkbox Custom Reporting
Sometimes, the results of an election are a super-secret until after the polls have closed. For more casual elections, you might want to let people see which candidate is in the lead during the election. Choose the type of report that works for you, and use our automatic visualization tools to display the results. You can even publish the live results on your website or blog.
Vote Checkbox Ultra-secret results if you want them.
We use a unique two-key system for those situations where your school policy dictates that results be anonymous, secret, or confidential. Learn more about how our two-key results works. You can also opt for regular results, depending on your policy and needs.
Vote Checkbox Easy to add offices and candidates
For each office (Class president, for example) or designation (like "Most likely to succeed," or "My choice for the yearbook cover") you can add as many candidates as you like. The entire student body, if you want! It's easy to enter the information, or upload a list. You can even add some information about each candidate in a text box, add a photo, or attach a PDF file for details like biographies, resumes, or other important information.
Vote Checkbox Do you need to allow paper votes?
Sometimes, a person will refuse to vote electronically. If you decide to allow them the choice to vote on paper, it's easy to manage your voting rolls and remove their name from the paperless online voting. This helps ensure that no one can vote twice.
Vote Checkbox Allow moderators for specific elections
Are you the school Principal or the Director of Technology? Just because you are in charge of purchasing software subscriptions, you shouldn't have to be in charge of managing every election! You can assign a school counselor, lead teacher, or student to manage the election.
Vote Checkbox Increase voter turnout
You can generate a list of people who haven't yet voted, and send them email reminders. This helps increase turnout, without annoying people who already voted. You can also display a live graph of turnout, without showing the results. Showing your voters the up-to-date turnout results helps "get out the vote" and encourage participation by all.

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